Image of Murata Power Solutions' NXJ2 DC/DC Converter

NXJ2 Series of DC/DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This presentation will introduce the NXJ2 Series of 2 W, surface mount, single-output, unregulated DC-DC converters with 5.2 kVDC isolation. It will review the features and benefits of the NXJ2 series, as well as list their models and specifications.
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BildHersteller-TeilenummerBeschreibungSpannung - Eingang (min.)Spannung - Eingang (max.)Spannung - Ausgang 1Verfügbare MengeDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WNXJ2S2405MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W21,6V26,4V5V329 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2WNXJ2S2415MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2W21,6V26,4V15V69 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 12V 2WNXJ2S1212MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 12V 2W10,8V13,2V12V13 - SofortDetails anzeigen
DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2WNXJ2S1215MC-R7DC DC CONVERTER 15V 2W10,8V13,2V15V595 - SofortDetails anzeigen
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