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Silicon Motion

- Silicon Motion is the global leader in developing NAND Flash controllers for SSDs and other solid-state storage devices. They have over 20 years of experience developing specialized processor ICs that manage NAND components and deliver market-leading, high-performance storage solutions widely used in smartphones, PCs, data centers, and commercial and industrial applications. They have one of the broadest portfolios of controller intellectual properties developed from their deep understanding of NAND characteristics, which enables them to design both unique, highly optimized configurable ICs plus related firmware controller platforms and complete turnkey controller solutions.


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Image of Silicon Motion's Embedded Graphics

Embedded Graphics Products

Silicon Motion's embedded graphics products feature embedded video memory to minimize power consumption and ensure prolonged device longevity.

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Image of Silicon Motion's SATA FerriSSD®

SATA FerriSSD®Solid

SATA FerriSSD® von Silicon Motion bietet Controller-Technologie und NAND-Flash, um den Konstruktionsaufwand für eine Vielzahl von Embedded-Anwendungen zu vereinfachen.

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Image of Silicon Motion's SM768 USB/Network Display Solution

USB/Netzwerk-Display-Lösung SM768

Die USB/Netzwerk-Anzeigelösung SM768 von Silicon Motion kann über USB 3.0 oder eine PCIe®-2.0-Schnittstelle mit einem Host verbunden werden, um eine größere Vielzahl von Anwendungen zu ermöglichen.

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Image of Silicon Motion's PCIe NVMe FerriSSD


Silicon Motion's PCIe NVMe FerriSSD® is a single-chip SSD that features full data error detection and uses controller technology to simplify design efforts.

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Image of Silicon Motion's Ferri-eMMC®


Silicon Motion's Ferri-eMMC® is an industrial and automotive eMMC that offers robust data protection and an ultra-reliable, non-volatile storage solution.

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