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- Delta Electronics is a major provider of Industrial Automation product technology and a key contributor to the global advancement of smart manufacturing. Our Industrial Automation mission is “To elevate our living environment through advanced automation technology and value added innovation”. With key competencies in design, manufacturing, and services/ solutions – new technology is developed with higher levels of integration within a wide portfolio of automation products including: AC motor drives, servo systems, motion controllers, PLC controllers, HMI visualization, temperature controllers, ethernet switches, field devices, actuators & robotics, and power supply product categories.


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VFD-EL Series Micro AC Drives

Delta IA’s VFD-EL series micro AC drives with built-in EMI filters and RFI switches feature easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation. Erfahren Sie mehr

AFE2000 Series Active Front-End

Delta's AFE2000 series AFE replaces a traditional braking resistor by converting excess heat into reusable power that can be supplied back to the mains. Erfahren Sie mehr

DOP-100 Series HMI

Delta’s DOP-100 series human machine interface is equipped with more than one COM port and an Ethernet port and features a multilingual input function. Erfahren Sie mehr

Gemanagte Ethernet-Switches

Die industriellen Ethernet-Switches von Delta bieten ein zuverlässiges Netzwerk in rauen Umgebungen und ermöglichen Benutzern den Aufbau stabiler Verbindungen bei extremen Temperaturen. Erfahren Sie mehr

Kompakte modulare Mittelbereichs-SPS der AS-Serie

Die AS-Serie von Delta IA ist eine leistungsstarke universelle Steuerung für alle Arten von automatisierten Geräten. Erfahren Sie mehr

AC-Servoantrieb und -motor der ASDA-B2-Serie

Die Servomotoren und -antriebe der ASDA-B2-Serie von Delta erfüllen die Anforderungen für allgemeine Maschinensteuerungsanwendungen. Erfahren Sie mehr

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Textile Industry Solutions

Delta is devoted to delivering products that save energy, are simple to use, and are easily applied to any textile industry application.

Machine Tool Solutions

Keeping pace with the changing demands of the machine tool industry, Delta is developing extensive and specialized products that offer high efficiency and high precision for machine control and automation with the aim of leading the global market.

Elevator Solutions

Elevators are found everywhere and the emphasis is on safety and a smooth ride. Delta develops elevator drives and systems of the highest quality and performance.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

With water growing ever more scarce, Delta offers thoughtful, fully integrated and environmentally friendly solutions for every water recycling process.